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The Curse of The Sunraioch is an epic solo Saga for use with Elfking, The Immortal Roleplaying Game. No Gamesmaster is necessary in order to play this adventure, only dice, imagination and clever decisions!

Tasked with the transportation of a powerful but inscrutable artefact to its eventual destination overseas, to a desolate mountain peak swept by the icy clutches of the Savage Fimbulwinter, you must overcome a variety of obstacles on your journey. 

Beware, for all may not be as it first seems. Though there be many dangers, you are accompanied along the way by certain loyal Companions who may be of aid in your quest. 

Will you survive this most challenging adventure? Only the Sunraioch will know for certain!

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The Hour Of The Demon is the third full length solo saga for use with Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game.

A most unusual threat to the Immortal Realms arrives in the form of a Demon hailing from an Otherland, who brings with it the effects of Time!

Journey across three outlandish Otherlands to recover the artefact able to defeat this most strange peril. Mighty you are, but will Time reduce you to a feeble shell of your former glory? Find out in this exciting solo adventure!

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Welcome to this, The Day Of A Thousand Nights: A Fae Tournament Sourcebook for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game. The Court of Emeera invites you to take your place in the Summerday Tournament festival! Test your jousting skills against Circle champions! Engage in diplomatic negotiation!


Battle the Fell Wyrm of The Wastes! Test your mettle against the 10’ tall Fae Knight of the Rose Gem! All this and more awaits! Journey to the Dreamrealm to shine brighter than a thousand suns, or wither and fade beneath the watchful gaze of those who possess Glare Everlasting!


For the vanquished, there is only Dreamdeath, for those victorious, a fame everlasting and a chance to meet the Elfking Ehlim Himself!

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A most unusual document writ in gold leads the character on an epic solo saga to far shores where reality blurs with uncertainty, where the player must face the strange Prince of Or alone. 

This is the first full length solo scenario book for use with Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game. 

Find a way through to the far side of a most peculiar mountain range, avoiding the nightmare that lives within, to the ends of the world,  all in search of the Prince’s golden halls. 

A complete saga with rules modified for solo play from Lucid Eye Publications. 

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Welcome to this, the Book of Further Encounters for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game.

Within, GMs will find more monsters, more spells and situations with which to test their players. Perhaps they might even triumph against a cosmic horror! Or perhaps not...

From the Underlands to the far reaches of the Wild Sea Isles in the North, PCs will discover that both death and glory walk amongst them.

In addition, there is a specially formulated solo scenario! Can you defeat the Trollmistress, servant of the infamous master of the Old Towers? Find out in the Book of Further Encounters!

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Lucid Eye presents The Sleeping Tower: The Saga Of Ulthrane And The Skeglings
for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game

An introductory adventure quest to a ruined tower in order to retrieve a vital antidote to save a Thane!

But the PCs are the last hope of this dying lord, for they are the last loyal Companions of a lost Circle!

Will they succeed in their desperate task? Will there be anything to save upon their return? Find out in this exciting saga contained within!

This adventure pack is an excellent resource for beginning players new to the Elfking setting; so don that armour and strap on your Faeblades neophytes, and ready yourself for visceral action where eternal glory and instant death are both but a breath away!

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Welcome to this, the second supplement for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game. A truly useful addition to the Elfking library!

Inside, you will find a plethora of useful hooks, full of scenario ideas suitable for either a single evening’s session, or expandable into whole sagas!

In addition, there’s also a number of ‘nuggets’, that outline inventive ideas suitable for whole campaigns.

But that’s not all! We’ve also included whole lists of suitable ‘Eas-flavoured’ names for your characters or NPCs, and composite Glamour lists which includes every Elfking spell so far!

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To begin epic adventures within the Elfking Realrealms, simply order YOUR COPY now! All purchases of the printed book are entitled to a free pdf version of the living rules, as well as a whole gamut of downloadable play aids available direct from the Lucid Eye website! Don't delay, order a copy today and take your place upon the pages of the Red Book of AEons!


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Lucid Eye presents Spirits In The Machine: Fall Of A Fae Circle for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game

The players are now the masterless Heroes of a Fallen Circle, but their Thane has left them one last oath to fulfil. This bond being to Iredaes, The White Raven, himself a servant of the Dark! The Characters must navigate a complex web of treachery and deceit whilst braving the exotic environment of The Underlands. Will they survive an encounter with the mighty Machine God to return the fell Eye of Uht-Gag to it’s maker, or, can the Heroes somehow destroy this remnant of the Darkness wit
h Glare intact?

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From the Otherlands to the Underlands, from the Uttereast to the Veil Of Hel, the world of Eas may be vast but it stands as a mere crystalised echo of the Infinite Realrealms beyond. No single tome could hope to encompass The All, but within these pages is a sampling of the myths and legends of these Immortal Lands including the treacherous tale of Orelea Helsinger and the nightmare rule of Reave, The Manfae King who resides within the Mortal Lands across the sea. Together with in depth character write ups, there are detailed herein powerful Artifacts and items of Glamour as well as new spells to augment each type of magick including Fae, Pel, Troll and Dark Glamours. Also included is a further selection of Monstrous Entities and singular locations with which to challenge or aid players in their sagas, as well as offering the gamesmaster inspiration for their Elfking games.


Primarily written for GM use, the information presented in Lords Of Eas will serve as useful supplemental material for the environment first introduced in the Core Rulebook, making it even easier for the GM to immerse players into the glorious Fae Realms.

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Lucid Eye presents The Lair Of The Crimson God 
for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game

Drink and riddle with cunning sprites, outrun savage wolf men, explore dark haunted ruins and face the most lethal terror filled labyrinth yet! Gain Glare everlasting or be sacrificed to The Vessel Of Blood, and the fell Hunger of the Crimson God!




Dread Adventure Awaits Within The Realrealms!

You are an Immortal Fae, glorious in mien, perhaps a Thane, or fell sorcerer, Glamourbound and rich with magicks, bound by warpacts or rent asunder by treachery and vendetta, a veteran of a thousand wars against Elf, Troll and Mortal, and, yea, even the Helking and His horde of Enfer. An Immortal you, but will you live to see the Fall of All?

Or, perhaps, ye be of immortal Trollkind, twisted and despised, kin to Fae yet full of envy, or yet still, of Mortal stock, who lays waste to the glory of the Fae but whose short days are quickly run?

A visceral fast play RPG, a place where glory and death are hand in hand. Create immortal characters for a chance of everlasting fame within the pages of the games future history, The Red Book of Ages!

All such things await within these very pages, enabled by a brand new, fast play, innovative role playing system, where the only requirements are a few D10s, a pen, paper and a rich imagination! Tread the Immortal Lands and the Beyond into the infinite worlds of the Realrealms to gain the glory of Glare Everlasting, and, perhaps, to see your name written within the Red Book of the Ages!

Disclaimer: Elfking The Immortal Role-playing Playing Game is Lucid Eye Publications game of the Realrealms where players and a games master deal with themes of Death, Immortality, Loyalty and Reality in a visceral manner. The game contains content which may require a mature disposition.


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Twilight Of The Immortal


'What madness is this? What insanity wrought such devastation? What be the Demon of Delerium who might grip our minds so, that they be filled with such hate, malice and vengeance to have worked this ruin upon the glorious world of the immortal Fae? To have drawn us ever down into an endless spiral of this Everwar, to have brought such magnificence and glory to its bended knee, to have witnessed the destruction of the ever resplendent Kingdoms of Eas and consigned them beneath the iron shod heel of Mortal darkness. Those very beings who live in fear, ever shackled to the Mistress of Time, who see only as far as their short lives can muster, who see naught of the beauty they now defile. A thousand woes be upon them though they know naught of what they have wrought!'

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The Tower From Another World

Ruhe Of The Rose Tower is the first adventure for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game. Within is described a mysterious tower which bestrides this world and another. Within it’s walls is an altogether different reality, one which the players must overcome by both wit and might if they are ever to emerge from it’s dangers, to escape from it’s warping of the very fabric of the Realrealm itself!


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