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Welcome to Wyrms, Wyrds and Wonders for use with Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game.

Within these pages you will discover a plethora of information pertaining to the Elfking world of Eas. Indeed, there is sufficient detail here to fuel years of campaigning in real time!

The Wyrms: A sizeable array of draconic adversaries, all unique and presented with either suggestions for their hordes or complete lists of special items.

The Wyrds: An index of Monstrous Entities, individually treated, describing their lairs, possessions and locations.

The Wonders: A whole host of wondrous magickal items from those more common examples to singular, ancient, world shaking Artefacts. From Glamoured curios all the way to howling Id and Geis possessed weapons of mass destruction!

So brave the dangers herein and vanquish mighty terrors, triumph over all to gain power undreamed of and Glare Everlasting, or lose your Immortal Essence to the oblivion of the Eternal Void!

Note: Not a standalone product, ownership of the Core Rulebook is required to fully utilise the contents, and access to Lords of Eas may prove helpful but is not essential.

Disclaimer: Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game is Lucid Eye Publications game of the Realrealms where players and a Gamesmaster deal with themes of Death, Immortality, Loyalty and Reality in a visceral manner. The game contains content which may require a mature disposition.

Wyrms, Wyrds And Wonders - Being A Sourcebook For Elfking (PDF)


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