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Over time, there will be players of the Elfking game whose characters reach the dizzy heights of HERO STATUS. Those who do, (and even those rare individuals who might defy the Fates to become SUPERHEROES), may, at some point, wish to retire their characters rather than risk there lives any further, or, simply, to renew their competitive sense of danger by bringing a new Fae back from obscure oblivion, to start afresh. These Heroes will have, presumably, accrued such magnificence in the form of singular artifacts, Star Metal weaponry, large gatherings of faithful Companions, glorious towers, etc., etc., all for what? Well...

An entry into The Glorious Red Book Of The Aons!

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Thats right! Send details of your character, (ratified by your GM), and we will include your character upon the website page made expressly for this purpose. We may even include them in a future supplement. 

Tell us if you’d like for us to include your name, (or handle), along with the entry. Include the stats, Glamours, equipment, etc., along with a brief history of your Hero so they may join the Halls of the Eternally Glorious! Simple!

One proviso, we reserve the right to slightly ammend character names in order for them to best reflect the authentic Fae language.

Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide!

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