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Thus it was that the tragic Wyrd of Elvenkind, set at the World’s Beginning, came to pass. The Spheres of the Fates turn slow but fully and none may stand against them, not even the Great Lords. Not even The Unspoken, whose consuming rivalry against His kin blinded Him to reason and forced His hand to play it’s part in the Unfolding, Great Lord and lowly worm the same. Blinded He was, yet He may see one final thing; the Fall of His own Domain. For did He put into motion, by His own Words, the Fall of All. 
From the mighty Words of The Unspoken, to The Helson, next to Elf, and to Witch, thence to Troll and on to all living things was this Wyrd told. 

The Red Book of The Elf King art clipped

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