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Welcome to The Impling Purge, a solo subterranean quest to do battle with a band of malicious imps of the deeps.

The depths of the tower have been overrun by these troublesome mites and you alone are tasked with the purge.

Can you break through to their master in an effort to confront this menace, or, perhaps, venture further to uncover an even greater mystery?

Find out in this introductory solo adventure for Elfking The Immotal Roleplaying Game, where glory or swift death awaits!

Disclaimer: Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game is Lucid Eye Publications game of the Realrealms where players and a games master deal with themes of Death, Immortality, Loyalty and Reality in a visceral manner. The game contains content which may require a mature disposition.

This is not a stand alone product, requires use of Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game for full use.

The Impling Purge - An Introductory Solo Adventure For Elfking (PDF)


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