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Book Of Encounters: Being A Collection Of Encounters And Supplementary Material For Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game



Welcome to this, the second supplement for Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game. A truly useful addition to the Elfking library!

Inside, you will find a plethora of useful hooks, full of scenario ideas suitable for either a single evening’s session, or
expandable into whole sagas!

In addition, there’s also a number of ‘nuggets’, that outline inventive ideas suitable for whole campaigns.

But that’s not all! We’ve also included whole lists of suitable ‘Eas-flavoured’ names for your characters or NPCs, and composite Glamour lists which includes every Elfking spell so far!

Note: Not a standalone product, ownership of the Core Rulebook is required to fully utilise the contents, and access to Lords of Eas may prove helpful but is not essential.

Disclaimer: Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game is Lucid Eye Publications game of the Realrealms where players and a Gamesmaster deal with themes of Death, Immortality, Loyalty and Reality in a visceral manner. The game contains content which may require a mature

Book Of Encounters - Being A Collection Of Encounters for Elfking (PDF)


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