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The Curse of The Sunraioch is an epic solo Saga for use with Elfking, The Immortal Roleplaying Game. No Gamesmaster is necessary in order to play this adventure, only dice, imagination and clever decisions!

Tasked with the transportation of a powerful but inscrutable artefact to its eventual destination overseas, to a desolate mountain peak swept by the icy clutches of the Savage Fimbulwinter, you must overcome a variety of obstacles on your journey.

Beware, for all may not be as it first seems. Though there be many dangers, you are accompanied along the way by certain loyal Companions who may be of aid in your quest.

Will you survive this most challenging adventure? Only the Sunraioch will know for certain!

A complete saga with rules modified for solo play from Lucid Eye Publications.

This is not a stand alone product, requires use of Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game for full use.

Disclaimer: Elfking The Immortal Roleplaying Game is Lucid Eye Publications game of the Realrealms where players and a games master deal with themes of Death, Immortality, Loyalty and Reality in a visceral manner. The game contains content which may require a mature disposition.

The Curse Of The Sunraioch - Solo Saga For Elfking (PDF)


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