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Turnaround updates!

Attention valued readers! Here is the second installment of our intermittent blog.

Today we're mostly focusing on a peak under the covers of The Eye. Despite a wasp invasion, you may be interested to know that we've been reformatting and reorganising lately, ready for our mega Summer Sale which should already be live as we speak!

For a while now, we have been in need of increasing our output in dispatch by getting more hands on deck. We are happy to say, we have now done this, so the turnaround time from manufacturing your orders to getting them out the door has greatly decreased. With the growing of Lucid Eye, we're happy to say that we've addressed this issue. So here you are! The celebratory Summer offer!

Pick up your favourite models at great prices until the end of June and enjoy staying in the shade away from the angry Sun God!

Till the next time

The Eye.

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