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September Newsletter!

September Newsletter

Developments at The Eye!

Well, as is the way, certain projects have taken a back seat and others have come to the fore, here at Lucid Eye. Recent additions to the figure line have included, (or will soon include), items for Savage Core, Blades & Souls, Plot Device, Rome and Elfking. This is a fair chunk of what was recently mentioned, but not all. Prediction, as they say, is difficult, especially about the future!

The sharp eyed may have noticed the appearance of pictorial support for our products, something which we're definitely keen to pursue, more of that down the line. We've also been running a fair number of promotions involving handsome discounts. We love what we do and we love our customers and we love the support we get. Where we are able, we will always attempt to pass on some of the good fortune to our loyal customers in the form of these promotions by way of thanking you guys.

An opportunity for both new codes or redone releases in resin has opened up to us, so look out for some multipart minis coming from us in the near future! How exciting! Any requests for future releases or resin versions of our already existing minis will be greatly received. Can't guarantee everything to be put into motion but we'll definitely consider all suggestions.

One more thing...

This is more of a production detail than design matter, but still as exciting as other developments to us . We're in the process of bringing in house all of our mouldmaking. We do all of our casting in house too, and have done for a good long while, but this move will make us even more self-sufficient. We're also able to offer any of you guys some casting/mould making services, if you're at all interested, drop us a line! We may have to cap this service, so don't delay!

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