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Hello once again!

So far, we've managed to blog fairly consistently, which a surprise to say the least, maybe this kind of communication is a good idea.

We have things to say, too, not just aimless ramblings, so perk up!

The sharp eyed will have noticed regular offers coming your way and hopefully have taken advantage of them. We've tended to highlight specific themed items in the hope that we reach the areas of interest for as many of you guys as possible.

This week, we'll be taking a break from these for a number of reasons. We would like to take an opportunity to clear any backlog before launching into a mega Black Friday. This has been hugely popular with everyone for the past few years so we're expecting a healthy response once again and would like to prep for it beforehand by giving attention to those outstanding orders we currently have. We cast to order so we don't like to see people waiting too long for stuff, (we know what's like!).

Anyway, it's all prep for across the board offers towards the end of the month, so keep those eyes peeled! As a side note and incidentally, this is will be a decent accommodation and response to current UK industrial action at the Post Office.

So, win win. We sincerely hope that you people are well and have managed to navigate the past few years with aplomb and are looking forward to the next! We are too because we have a fab Elfking rpg in the pipe along with much more besides!

As always, your appreciation and support is always uppermost in our minds and we endeavour to live up to it.


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