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Attention, fellow travellers in time and space and welcome to a new feature, here at Lucid intermittent, seemingly random blog!

We reckoned that showing our (ironically, virtual), human face in the Age of Algorithmic Lizard Overlords might be fun. It's also a nice way of keeping you informed as to what we're up to. So here we are.

So, 2022 is half over, here in the UK the sun is forging his chariot daily through rain and hail to deliver doses of summer vitamins to his children and we at The Eye have been as busy as always.

We've recently introduced our historical range, begun with Romans, (of course), and have just released some cavalry. To follow, will be more cavalry options as well as mounted command figures and simultaneously releasing some Alexandrian/Successor infantry as well as the first of the Companions. We're working on a ruleset tentatively titled 'Battleclans', which will align with the way we generally package our models, making everything seamlessly fall into place. We're using 60mm frontages, 50mm depth, and utilising the idea of the number of models on a base describing the 'troop type'. There's a two tiered command system, and forces are organised into 'battles' or 'wings'. The composition of each army will be fairly loose, so you will be generally able to play with whatever you have prepared. Keep a watch out for a pdf at some point.

In the Realm of Toon, we're replacing recently defunct codes with a few new and will be adding some of King Victor's mounted forces to fight the good fight against nasty Rascal! We're also about to expand upon Toon Terrors by way of friends for our intrepid investigator Minty Green, who has been on her own for too long - she can't deal with every Gloop and Dread Cordwangler that comes her way! She'll soon be joined by her friends Sandy Buff and Ada Lemon, though there'll be further Terrors to face too.

On to Savage Core. We've recently added the Maxzan Queen with War Jaguar, it's been popular, with requests for further variation of the Jaguar, which will be attended to shortly. We're about to rationalise the whole Savage Core range to make it easier to navigate.

When we have spare time (!), we work on a fairly substantial Elf King project, as well as working on some Hollow Fae models. We are also attempting to make space to expand our dormant Birchwood line and our Plot Device gangs. Currently on the workbench, is an expansion of the Blades & Souls range with some tribal additions.

All of this not to say we're neglecting our Jim Fitzpatrick and Frazetta ranges, or any other of our projects! There's some exciting developments we can't talk about yet! We may even manage to upload some work in progress images...

We'll sign off now and get back to work, much love to you all and watch for further updates!

The Eye

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