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Derek Kinsman
Aug 01, 2017
In Scenarios and Encounters
Unplayed. Should be considered WIP. Feel free to crit, contribute, adapt, &c. Scenario for a Solo or Co-Op game. Your warriors are out hunting to feed their tribe for the coming months. Off in the distance you can hear the thunderous footsteps of a mighty beast. Objective: Successfully trap the T-Rex. Setup: Randomly determine which side of the table to deploy to by rolling a die equal to the number of sides of your table (likely a D4, or D8/2 — sometimes I play on circle tables or hex tables, I assume others might as well). Deploy a "trap zone" at least 1/4 the short length of the table away from your units (if 4' x 4' table, the trap should be placed 12" away from any figure). Deploy the Ravenous Beasts! Double Trouble right away (for an easier time deploy on turn 3). During Phase One: Initiation roll 2D10 to determine if the Double Trouble phase occurs. On Turn 2, the Militant T-Rex Double Trouble is deployed (following all rules for the DT). Hunting the T-Rex: only the mightiest of warriors are brave enough to hunt down an animal as dangerous as the T-Rex, thus, your Boss is the only unit who can hunt the T-Rex (your Bods will be busy with other creatures most likely). Trap Zone: the trap zone should be one inch in diameter larger than the base diameter of the T-Rex (this should make it more difficult). To set the trap off a Bod (must be a Bod, as your Boss will be the one doing the hunting) needs to be within Ranged Conflict (<= 8") distance to the Trap Zone. The trap is engaged during the Conflict phase and the Bod must make a successful ranged attack, the Moxie for the Trap is 7 (your combined Moxie + D10 is >= 8). Win Condition: If the T-Rex is within the Trap Zone when the trap is successfully engaged the tribe(s) win and will have food for the coming season. Co-Op Win Condition: You're all winners, but one of you won more than the others and as such get first pick of the meat cuts, and also some bragging rights. Lose Condition: If your Boss dies, or the T-Rex gets off the table, you lose. Co-Op Lose Condition: You don't lose together. If your Boss dies you lose. But the other players can still try and capture the T-Rex. If their bosses die you've all lost individually. If the T-Rex gets off the table you all lose together. There's no such thing as "friendly fire doesn't count" so if you fight with the other tribes over more than enough food to share you all morally lose, this was supposed to be a co-op game.

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Derek Kinsman

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