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Wyt Ironcraw

To the north of the Urmark in the realms of the Out Isles lies the land of the Nordane, the People of the Wolf. Their realm is called Normark, the Wilding and the Wolf Lands. It is a harsh land of strange and savage creatures, biting winds that howl with terrifying cries, and glowering skies that flash with angry thunder. The Nordane are held as close to beasts as Mortals can be, fur-clad and wild in mind and habit. In the heat of battle their warriors believe themselves possessed by the spirits of wolves, howling and snarling as they lay about them with their long iron swords. Their greatest warriors are said to shape-shift into wolf form at the height of battle. Amongst that savage race Chieftain Wyt Ironcraw is the most merciless of all, the greatest of warriors, and the unchallenged leader of his proud people. At his side cowers the Witch Abelatho, most cunning of all the cursed sisters, whose plots and plans none dare question. Her council of whispered words brings Kahavam to the Isle of Ymsarent and his destiny. To what purpose the Web of Weird foretells Abelatho alone can know. Contains one 28mm 'Heroic' white metal miniature. Provided with a 30mm display base. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.

Wyt Ironcraw


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