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The sleeping Hare finds himself on a deserted platform in Birchwood, a place he has never been. Outside the station, the Hare spies his two friends, both looking super, dressed as animals like him! What an adventure!

On their way into town a nice man, who seems a little sad, points the way. When they reach town, Mouse is startled by a strange shadow which turns out to be Fox, who is drinking blue liquid from a bottle. 'Yum!', say the friends, but then Fox shouts 'Drats!' as he clutches his chest, keels over and disappears.

The school bell rings. Mouse says, 'We're late'. Badger says, 'I'm not going to school!', as he runs off towards the Forest. Hare shouts 'Come back!'.

Hare turns around as Mouse holds Fox's bottle in her gloved hand, eyeing it suspiciously.



One 28mm white metal miniatures supplied with a 30mm display base. Supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.

The Sleeping Hare


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