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The Red Elf 

Deep within the Red Marsh a stony mound rises above the still and silent waters. It marks the resting place of a Dead God, long forgotten even in name. The Dead God’s tomb is guarded by the Red Thane and his Companions. How the Red Thane came to this fate, what vow binds him, and what his destiny might be is known to none, except perhaps the Unspoken. From that mound a spring feeds a pool of glistening red - the Blood of the Dead God - the water of which is said to hold many ancient and mysterious powers. Though many have sought the Blood of the Dead God its guardians are strong and determined. The bones of numberless Fae lie beneath the waters, a warning to those who would seek favours of the Red Thane. Contains one 28mm 'Heroic' white metal miniature. Provided with a 30mm display base. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.

The Red Elf


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