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Sunnvane and Lismhale, The Two That are One  -

Sunnvane and Lismhale are the Two that are One - twin spirits and each an aspect of the whole. They are conjoined Thanes of the Circle of Glâs, Sunnvane the Captain of the Fae Fleet, and Lismhale his sister-spirit. Each personality can rise to the surface to exert itself, half the time it is Sunnvane whose spirit is dominant, and half the time it is Lismhale. Sunnvane is a mighty warrior Thane but lacking in Glamour lore, Lismhale is the opposite - a powerful wielder of Glamours but a weak fighter. Together they make a whole that is both one of the most powerful fighters and one of the most potent spellweavers in the Isles of Eas. They live eternally in spirit with the Tower of Glas together with their Elven Companions. The Fae of the Tower of Glâs are almost as crystal themselves, so pale are they and so distant as to appear made of light. Contains one 28mm 'Heroic' white metal miniature. Provided with a 40mm display base. Sculpted by Steve Saleh.

Sunnvane and Lismhale, The Two That are One


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