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Travel to the Savage Core, the classic pulp skirmish game by Lucid Eye! Discover the world within a world, of steaming jungles, ruined cities and desolate tundra, of
soporific dreams and terrible nightmares!

Play one of the six major factions who survive in this harsh wilderness, all but forgotten by the world above the Skydome! Or play lesser, more exotic cultures that haunt the lands with their strange tech or ancient artefacts!

Customise your faction via the many alternative Bosses, Tricks and Relics featured within these pages! Avoid magma flows, earthquakes, dinosaurs and all manner of sticky ends!

To begin, all you will need is this book, a few D10s, and less than 10 miniatures per faction! Absolutely NO historical knowledge is required! Just bring your sense of fun!



Savage Core 2 (PDF)


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