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The Maxzans


The strict hierarchy of the Maxzans if reflected in their battle array. Nobles and priests are of supreme status, followed by the clan warriors. The lives of their Jaguar allies are considered of lesser value, but have a vital duty to perform as the initial wave



1x Maxzans 1 (3 Miniatures)

1x Maxzans 2 (3 Miniatures)

1x Jaguar Tribe Bods 1 (3 Miniatures)

1x Jaguar Tribe Bods 2 (3 Miniatures)

1x Clan Warriors 1 (3 Miniatures)

1x Clan Warriors 2 (3 Miniatures)

1x Hornet Throwers (3 Miniatures)

1x Xachoti & Tupoc (2 Miniatures)

1x Skull Cloud (1 Miniature)

1x Ah-Cakulha in Life (1 Miniature)

1x Zomoc Lord of The Topaz Chamber (1 Miniature)


28mm white metal miniatures supplied with 30mm display bases. Supplied unpainted. Designed by Steve Saleh.

The Maxzans


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