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LIMITED RUNNING PROMOTIONAL STARTER DEAL - For the upcoming release of The Red Book of The Elf King: TROLL WARS.


Jump into the Fae Revanche, the civil war which will inevitably lead to The Fall of All. 


Rules written by games writer extraordinaire Rick Priestley. 

This intro set is designed for two players and contains two oppossing Thanes, followed by three units of their Elven Companions each. You will also receive The Red Book of The Elf King Rules Book, alongside The Deck of Glamour Cards which contains over 57 cards, filled to the brim with the Glamour spells of the Fae kind, all usable in game. The card deck also contains all quick reference cards for every Elven character and Circle.


The Red Book of The Elf King is a heavily narrative driven game, every encounter you engage in will be marked heroically upon the weaving web of time within the Elf King Universe. The rulebook contains over 6 encounters where the narrative comes to the forefront of the game. 


The starter set contains seventeen 28mm 'heroic' white metal miniatures with 30mm display bases included. Sculpted by Steve Saleh. This deal also contains The Deck of Glamours game accessory and the rulebook itself, written by Rick Priestley.

Meksant & Lowic - Two Player Starter Set

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£80.00Sale Price

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