Jim FitzPatrick Official Collectible Miniatures


Exclusive numbered collectors run. Earliest orders will also receieve a signed copy by Jim Fitzpatrick himself


Contains three, one piece 28mm 'Heroic' White Metal Miniatures, supplied with 40mm display bases. The miniatures also comes in a blister pack with a numbered ticket. With one signed exclusively by Jim FitzPatrick himself


'Nuada Airgedlámh (Nuada of the Silver Arm) was king of the tribe known as the Tuatha Dé Danann who invaded Éireann (Ireland) in earliest times. In the First Battle of MoyTura, Nuada, while victorious, lost his right arm in this battle while in the second battle he lost his life. In his keeping was Cliamh Solais –the Sword of Fire, which, once unsheathed, was so powerful that no enemy could stand before it.' - Jim FitzPatrick


Ériu was a goddess of the mystical Tuatha Dé Danann, one of the earliest tribes of invaders to conquer the isle known as ‘The Wooded Isle’, and much later as Éireann (the country of Ireland), named in honour of the great goddess herself. Ériu was also one of the three divine eponyms of what is now Ireland and gave her name to the Island, while ruling as a triple goddess with Banba and Fodhla up to the time of the Milesian invasion in pre-history. - Jim FitzPatrick


The Second Battle of MoyTura ended with the death of Balor of the Evil Eye, the sorcerous and terrifying chieftain of the dreaded Fomor. In this final confrontation Lugh, in his guise of the Sun God, faces his own grandfather Balor, and, as foretold in prophecy, killed him in battle. The Evil Eye, according to the ancient manuscripts, was a fearsome weapon that, when opened, could scorch a path of fire across a battlefield destroying enemy and friend alike and cut a swath of fiery light across the entire land as far as the horizon.

- Jim FitzPatrick

Jim FitzPatrick Official Collectible Miniatures - Nuada, Ériu & Balor

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